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Is it a SIM Card capable, 4G smartwatch? Is it a powerbank? Or is it a music player? How about all three.

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Powerful Smartwatch + Powerbank + Speaker.
All in one.

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LEM11 Smartwatch Android 7.1 3GB + 32GB Smartwatch + Powerbank + Speaker

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Enjoy your LEM11 smartwatch

It's more than just a smartwatch - it can be transformed into a portable battery as well as a speaker + music player. You can charge your smartwatch while listening to songs, which makes it super practical and convenient.

Look stylish

The LEM11 has a strong and well made square face design. It just looks good on your wrist. It's straps are also replaceable with standard sized straps on the market, making it incredibly versatile with your wardrobe.

Easy to use

The LEM11 smartwatch is super easy to use and you can easily pop it off your wrist and into the powebank/speaker. Fantastic for when you're working out or on the go and don't have time to charge.

Long-lasting power

Standby time: Upto 40 hours/90 hours with portable charging

Full use of all functions: Upto 6 hours/8 hours with portable charging